Digital Salon: The Ultimate Churn Dashboard for Growth

May 31, 2023


The best companies know that the key to driving high retention is to know why their customers stay. Ultimately, it comes down to delivering customer results, but too often companies conflate that with delivering customer happiness. Greg Daines has spent years researching churn across hundreds of companies, and has zeroed in on 3 main types of churn, and 6 key churn drivers. Join him for an eye-opening, data-driven discussion on what really drives churn, how to measure it, and what to do about it.

✅ Ideal for Customer Success, Revenue and RevOps Leaders

📈  Join to discuss:

  • Conventional misconceptions about churn (hint: customer happiness has less to do with it than you think!)
  • New original research on why customers actually leave
  • 3 types of churn, and how they reveal your key churn drivers
  • How to figure out which type of churn you have
  • The 6 main drivers of churn
  • How to build a churn strategy that drives retention and accelerates growth